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Ethos and Values

Statement of Ethos and Values


We believe that it is our responsibility to enable children to become independent and confident.


Our aim is that all pupils at Coppice Primary school develop the skills necessary to become life long learners. They will learn to value themselves and others. They will be inspired and enthused by the challenges we present to them and feel secure and supported enough to try new and difficult experiences. School should be fun; not about acquiring information for the sake of it but about opening doors and visualising new possibilities.


We believe that pupils at Coppice have the right to an education which is inclusive and allows all to realise their potential.


In partnership with parents we can make school a happy and enjoyable experience. Pupils should feel safe, challenged and able to meet that challenge. School should provide access to a broad and balanced curriculum, both academic and social. Pupils should experience new and varied challenges and look to meet them with the support of their peers.

We have a strong belief in our school motto: "reaching new HEIGHTS." We want every child in our school to strive to be the best they can be, our job is to support them on this journey.

We will do this by developing key attributes in our children that align with our motto.


H Happy and Healthy

E Empowered

I Independent

G Grow and Develop

H Honest

T Team player

S Safe