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Music at Coppice

Welcome to Music at Coppice


The music curriculum at Coppice is designed to engage and inspire pupils to develop a lifelong love of music, through exploration of the wider world around them. 

Music is a creative subject that allows pupils a hands-on experience which can increase their self-confidence, nurture their well-being, and allow them a sense of pride and achievement.  The music curriculum should provide opportunities within its learning environment to listen to, perform, review and evaluate music across a wide range of genres and sources; including music from different historical periods and from diverse traditional backgrounds. Children should develop a critical engagement with music allowing them to uncover the interrelated dimensions within a composition and be able to denote its effects on a piece. Pupils are taught to communicate effectively using appropriate musical terminology to critically appraise and evaluate performances.   

We aim to provide a wide range of opportunities to make music, through singing, composing and playing a variety of instruments. Promoting a progressive development of skills, pupils will be encouraged to use technology to make their own compositions, and share with peers across the school, and beyond if appropriate.  

We want the children to enjoy music by nurturing their creative thinking, releasing their potential whilst gaining knowledge and developing their skills.  


As well as having weekly music lessons, children also have weekly singing lessons which gives pupils the opportunity to use their voice and join with their key stage to bring a smile to their faces, and learn new songs to enhance their musical selves.  

Coppice Music Room